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Renault brings together its creative and media agencies

I was delighted to see Renault bringing together their creative and media agencies at the same time as admitting that they continue to need agency resources. So rumours of the creative and media agencies’ demise are premature. In my 30-plus-year agency career I’ve worked within a number of different agency/client models including for BT, Honda, ...

Why Facebook’s algorithm change will reward authentic brands

Over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed Facebook has introduced a change in their news feed algorithm, which will mean more friends and family content will be shown, rather than brands and pages. Founder and Chief Executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg says: “You’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, ...

Research reveals marketing and advertising is failing us

As the President of PrideAM, the UK’s LGBT+ advertising and marketing network, I feel incredibly strongly about the need for greater diversity in our advertising output and in our creative workplaces.  I also believe that today’s brands are yet to adapt to meet the gender and sexually-fluid society we now live in. But, I wanted ...


The dawn of data – how Brexit will disrupt the marketing mix

We marketers are easily spooked. We saw this when the recession hit – both brands and agencies alike soon started prioritising tried-and-tested concepts over bold or provocative ideas. I can understand why; mitigating risk makes sound business sense. However, it can also accelerate a downward spiral. Replaying proven ideas leads to mediocre work, which in ...

Shining a light on the dark art of creativity

Agencies are under intense scrutiny from clients eager to put a price on all marcomms activity. As transparency and measurement become increasingly important, what role will the dark art of creativity play in future of the advertising?

Why every brand should be a little more Marmite

  Let’s face it, traditional brand positioning is dead. Brands can no longer get away with claiming to be all things to all people if they want to stand out in a world cluttered by communications.

The end of the road for the ‘customer journey’

The term ‘customer journey’ is familiar to marketers of all stripes but I wonder how many could agree on a definition. Like a lot of marketing terminology, the meaning of this phrase has become warped over time as brands and agencies have twisted it to their own ends. Now it’s most commonly used to describe ...

The problem with innovation

One word has come to dominate the DMA Awards over the last few years – innovation. In addition to being the theme of last year’s awards, it’s earned its own category and now underpins the criteria of most others.