Why an Earned First Approach Builds Better Customer Relationships

In the age of content overload, adopting an ‘earned first’ approach is the best way of producing content that connects with today’s customers. In this video, I explore how brands can build better customer relationships and earn the trust of those customers. Watch my video to find out more of my thoughts:


Is GDPR the antidote to customer distrust?

Customer trust is at an all-time low and there’s little wonder as to why. Everywhere they turn, established institutions are letting them down. The Government, still reeling from Brexit, appears rudderless, and the ‘fake news’ epidemic has undermined the authority of the media. Meanwhile, the business fraternity is still associated with the profit-driven culture that ...


Is compliance curtailing your customer relationships?

The marketing community is out of touch with its customers. We don’t know what they want and I don’t think we’re trying hard enough to find out.


The dawn of data – how Brexit will disrupt the marketing mix

We marketers are easily spooked. We saw this when the recession hit – both brands and agencies alike soon started prioritising tried-and-tested concepts over bold or provocative ideas. I can understand why; mitigating risk makes sound business sense. However, it can also accelerate a downward spiral. Replaying proven ideas leads to mediocre work, which in ...

Shining a light on the dark art of creativity

Agencies are under intense scrutiny from clients eager to put a price on all marcomms activity. As transparency and measurement become increasingly important, what role will the dark art of creativity play in future of the advertising?

Why every brand should be a little more Marmite

  Let’s face it, traditional brand positioning is dead. Brands can no longer get away with claiming to be all things to all people if they want to stand out in a world cluttered by communications.

The end of the road for the ‘customer journey’

The term ‘customer journey’ is familiar to marketers of all stripes but I wonder how many could agree on a definition. Like a lot of marketing terminology, the meaning of this phrase has become warped over time as brands and agencies have twisted it to their own ends. Now it’s most commonly used to describe ...

The challenge of conducting the modern communications orchestra

Today, every successful communications strategy is comprised of three key elements – creativity, technology and data. Combine these effectively and it’s possible to produce engaging, inspiring work that delivers the right message at the right time in the right context. But to achieve this aim, brands must ensure these three elements work in perfect harmony ...

The problem with innovation

One word has come to dominate the DMA Awards over the last few years – innovation. In addition to being the theme of last year’s awards, it’s earned its own category and now underpins the criteria of most others.

Rediscovering the lost art of direct mail

Direct mail is in trouble. Trampled under the march of progress and still lumbered with the tag ‘junk mail’, its stock has fallen rapidly amongst brands who have turned their attention to digital communications. Although this makes good business sense, as it’s considerably cheaper to hit a list of prospects with an email instead of ...

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